Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Unholy and Unlikely Alliances

For years, Evangelicals and born agains despised Catholics, and in fact, many still do hate Catholics, and do not even consider Catholics to be Christians, but politics have made the 2 religions form an unlikely and unholy alliance. Why? Simple: they both have an agenda & they both need one another to achieve their goals, and they can use one another long enough to reach their goals while still maintaining their mutual distrust and dislike for one another. Now, it seems that 2 very different groups have put aside their differences to reach their agendas and goals... the Aryan Nation and Al Qaeda. If Catholics can conveniently cast aside obligations to the poor, hungry, social programs, death penalty and war opposition, and wealth inequities just to join forces w/the born agains on abortion, maybe the Aryans really can cast aside their hatred of dark skinned Middle Eastern people who they deem to be impure and heretical.
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