Friday, April 01, 2005

RIP Terri Schiavo, May the 3 Ring Circus End

I hope that Terri Schiavo rests in peace and that her poor soul is finally free. My hope for her is that she is now in heaven - free from hatred towards her own body (she suffered from bulimia) and that she is eating a giant buffet of food and drink... b/c now she will never have to worry about gaining weight or having a court decide if she can eat. But most of all, I hope she is now free from the 3 Ring Circus and Sanctimonious Spectacle that has denied her 1 shred of dignity for far too long. Rest in Peace Terri, & may the world now see Randall Terry as the wife cheating fornicator he truly is (he abandoned his wife & kids for a 20something woman) Yet, I have to say that the GOP has & will jump on this poor woman's half dead body just for political propaganda, and they will milk her now dead body for every single penny they can. You can bet your ass that this entire spectacle will be the springboard for destroying even more of our civil rights and spreading the santorum stained LIE that ACTIVIST JUDGES killed poor Terri. Taking Terri's dead corpse and grotesquely running with it, is the Catholic priest Frank Pavone, seen at the Schiavo Circus, who announced Thursday afternoon that he has formed a new band of priests who will be devoted to stopping abortion, euthanasia, and actively registering voters... see that blatant conflict of interest folks? The seperation of church and state exists for a reason, Brother Asswipe.
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