Thursday, March 31, 2005

Terri's Law is Unconstitutional

When I heard that the 11th Circuit Court was going to hear the Schindler's appeal, I thought WTF? But then when today's ruling came in, I have to wonder if they did take the appeal so all 12 judges could address the lie about activist judges and the unconstitutionality of Terri's Law. Thankfully, the 12 judges did in fact say that Terri's Law is unconstitutional and that not a single judge who had to examine and/or hear this case was an activist. See their decision here. And this op/ed from the Chicago Sun Times sums up what I feel about this case, as does this op/ed from the San Fran Gate, and it is positively GHOULISH of the Schindler's to receive money for the selling off of the list of people who donated money to "save Terri".
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