Friday, April 01, 2005

Culture of Life: Post Terri Schiavo

I am pretty pissed off about the nutjobs hijacking one familiy's anguish for GOP political points, but I am even more pissed that Bush has the balls to say that the strong need to protect the weak in our society, yet he does every single thing possible to destroy the weak, needy, and down on their luck in our society. In fact, Bush can't bend over those in need of a helping hand enough, and that lying sack knows it more than anyone. But will the Parade of Hypocrites allow those nasty little things like facts and reality stop them from twisting this into their prolife agenda? No, but it was NEVER EVER about being PROLIFE. It was ALWAYS about INVADING PERSONAL PRIVATE MEDICAL ISSUES. And get this, in 2000, during one of the many trials, the Schindlers testified that even if Terri had specifically told them that she never wanted to languish on life support, that they STILL WOULD NOT HAVE HONORED HER WISHES b/c they are conservative Catholics. Again, I must scream this point home: It was NEVER about being PROLIFE. It was ALWAYS about INVADING PERSONAL PRIVATE MEDICAL ISSUES!!! And this, entitled The Passion of Terri just sickens me. Jesus was put on this Earth to make up for his Father's harshness towards humanity as displayed in the Old Testament, and to give humanity the chance to achieve grace... Jesus was an innocent.... Terri Schiavo was not. She, thru her vanity, starved herself into her brain damaged condition, Terri was a mortal who sinned and lied and hurt people, just as we all do... Jesus did none of those things. I do not use the word blasphemy often or lightly... but it applies here for this propaganda clusterF-ck. Is this poor woman on life support going to be the twisted new poster child for the GOP?
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