Friday, April 01, 2005

Gannon's Qualifications? He's a Top!

A gay prostitute who is a documented plagiarist gets to be an invited panelist for the Nat'l Press Club... whoa.. so what his qualifications? He knows a whole lot about anal sex and santorum... read his gay escort reviews here (yep, his johns gave him online reviews for services rendered), but if you now go to the Nat'l Press site, they have a very specific statement for the planned April 8th event:" Open to NPC members credentialed media only". Hmm, so could they now be a wee bit embarrassed by inviting Gannon to this event? AMERICAblog makes the excellent point of the extreme irony of Gannon not being able to attend a panel that will discuss fake journalists who have no credentials b/c Gannon himself is a fake journalist who has no crendentials. Hey, I guess the only thing worst would be if they invited the Emaciated Hag Coulter... but they could go together as dates, she is a man (check out the Strap-on Vets for Truth site - it's killer), and he is a man who dates men, so it'd be a Love Connection... hat tip to Chuck Woolery...
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