Wednesday, July 12, 2006

ATTN Bush: In Iraq.. It is called civil war

Psst... Dumbya... even though there is ample evidence 1) here, 2) here, 3)here, 4) here, and 5) here, perhaps you could try actually listening to this: Sen Jack Reed, (D-R.I.) a former Army officer who sits on the Armed Services Committee, just got back from Iraq, and he says that: "A "low-grade civil war" is under way in Iraq that could erupt into full-scale war among the nation's rival ethnic and religious groups." Sen Joe Biden (D-DE) who traveled w/ Reed said: "In the absence of a political solution, the Sunni insurgents are not going to stand down and the Shiite militia violence won't stop. The Shiia-led govt has to take significant steps to bring the Sunnis in, and they have to move against the Shiite militia and guarantee the Sunnis a share of the oil revenues." C'mon boys... Bush is ready to whip out his very 1st veto on those sinful stem cells which can save countless lives... he doesn't have time for plans during our occupation. And do you want to weep? Read Riverbend's heartbreaking post entitled "Atrocities". It was written in response to the atrocities committed in our name and on our dime by our troops and since even more Hell has been unleashed in Iraq. And yes, by atrocities I am referring to the uncovered rape/murder of that 14 yr old girl (notice I said 14 yr old, NOT 20 yrs old as we've been mislead to believe). Riverbend asks this question, which deserves an answer from us Americans: "The naiveté of Americans who can't believe their 'heroes' are committing such atrocities is ridiculous. Who ever heard of an occupying army committing rape?? You raped the country, why not the people?" That is gut wrenching, damning & shaming. I am tired of feeling ashamed of my nation and my govt. I am tired of this Goddamned unspeakable and ceaseless bloodletting.
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