Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Peek into the mind of a Wingut.. if you dare

I watched Keith O last night (as usual) and I was horrifed and fascinated to hear what former Nixon-White House counsel John Dean had to say about his new book "Conservatives Without Conscience." Simply put: Dean is a self-proclaimed Barry Goldwater conservative. In fact, the catalyst for this book began back in 1994 when Dean had lengthy conversations w/ the now deceased Goldwater. Goldwater had planned on being a co-author of this book... but I guess Death had other plans for Barry. Watch for yourself the entire Countdown interview here (via Crooks and Liars): "Dean makes the case (w/ data he uncovered) that many conservatives of today need an authoritarian figure to guide them and they willingly do whatever it takes to please that figure. In fact, Dean claims that 23% of the population is completely hopeless when it comes to being a sheeple (read this Kos diary about how truly fucked in the head those 23% really are). Well actually, any of us familiar w/ George Lakoff already knew that conservatives have a serious issue w/their need for a "stern-daddy" (could that be why so many gay-bash??... ya know: Me thinks he doth protest too much... from the closet). And many do not to want to think for themselves or question things. They want to simply be told what to think & believe. Hmm, guess that ties in w/this from Pew Research: Liberals are the most highly educated group (49% have a college degree or more) in comparison to conservatives. Guess that also goes hand in hand w/the conservative need to blindly gobble down the twisted, hateful, cherry-picked version of their own brand of Christianity, huh? Dean cites G. Gordon Liddy as the perfect example of a guy willing to be shot in the street to indulge his master. (oh, THAT freak: Liddy idolized Hitler & ate rats). He highlights the fear mongering that this admin has been using for yrs now as a model that allows the concept to be implemented. The way Tom Delay controlled the House is another perfect illustration of this behavior." Buy this book today. I ordered mine, and in fact, I got a 2-fer-1 deal. Via Amazon, I purchased Dean's book "Conservatives Without Conscience" and Kevin Phillips' paperback book "American Dynasty" all for $25.98. Given that Dean's new book costs $25 alone, I am pretty happy w/this bargain... and it qualified for free shipping. Spread the news b/c we need to know thy enemy, and please buy this book so we can knock that emaciated plagiarizing hag Coulter off the best-seller lists.
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