Friday, April 14, 2006

Stolen Military Flash Drives sold at Bazaar

MSNBC: This wk an NBC News producer (using a hidden camera) visited a bazaar just outside the main gate of the huge US military base in Bagram Afghanistan, and bought a half dozen of memory drives the size of a thumb known as flash drives. On them, NBC News found highly sensitive military info, some which NBC will not reveal. The tiny computer memories are believed to have been smuggled off base by Afghan employees and sold to shopkeepers. Whoever buys one can simply plug it into another computer, and in a couple of minutes, see thousands of files. What kinds of things can they see? 1) Names and personal info for dozens of DOD interrogators. 2)Documents on an “interrogation support cell” and interrogation methods. 3) IDs and photos of US troops. And oh yeah... 4) Among the photos of Americans are pictures of individuals who appear to have been tortured and killed, most too graphic to show. NBC News does not know who caused their injuries. The Pentagon would not comment on the photos. Nice... the implications of this massive fuckup are so massive that it almost defies logic. But when it comes to BushCo and the military, massive fuckups are just par for the course.
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