Friday, April 14, 2006

PlameGate: Libby Points to Rove & Ari Fleischer

The judge in the Libby case has threatened a gag order to keep the lid on things, and both Fitz and Libby made new crt filings, but this from Talk Left interests me the most: "It's not just that Libby allegedly told Fleischer at lunch on July 7 before Fleischer left for Africa with Bush that Joseph Wilson's wife worked in the CIA and that she was involved in the decision to send Wilson to Niger. It's that Fleisher told Fitz and the grand jury that Libby told him the info was "hush-hush" and "on the qt." I knew that former WH spokesman Ari was somehow involved! His mysterious resignation was just too fishy. And it makes me more than happy to see that Rove the Toad is not off the hook... whatever will Special Agent Bush do? (new Mark Fiore cartoon).
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