Thursday, April 13, 2006

Scalia's Proudest Thing as a Justice

Sheesh... talk about an out of control judge with an ethical impairment and specific agenda, I present this... (via USAToday): "As he took questions from students during a lecture at the Univer of CT's law school, conservative Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia on Weds called his 2004 decision not to recuse himself from a case involving Vice Pres Dick Cheney the "proudest thing" he's done on the court." Whoa. Good to see ya set the bar sooo high there Antonin Asshat. Refusing to recuse yourself from a case that involves your good friend and hunting buddy is so ethical for a SCOTUS Justice, no? Or maybe Scalia is really just proud he survived that hunting trip w/Cheney? If we all set our standards as low as that, imagine what some of our proudest moments could be? 1 of my "proudest" moment was: When I secretly peed in a very loud, drunk, & lecherous ROTC guy's military gas mask at a party and watched him put the damn thing on his face... in front of a few of my friends-- all of whom knew what I had secretly done. He was so obnoxious & he was wearing a shirt that said "I'd Tell You to Blow Me but FemiNazis are Ugly and Gay", so I felt compelled to share what I had done to him w/others, right? Besides, who brings a gas mask to a semester finals party? Needless to say, the laughter that ensued was all at his expense. I heard from his ex-girlfriend last yr-- to my complete horror and remorse-- that he was seriously wounded in Iraq and is now paralyzed from the neck down, has an ear missing and is getting divorced. Granted, the divorce could be b/c he wore T-shirts like that, but I did feel regret. But that would be b/c I have a conscience. Things that are ethically shaky should give us pause,make us feel shame, remorse, regret: NOT pride... IF you have morals, a heart and a conscience. Hence... Scalia's unethical and legally questionable actions being 1 of his proudest moments while sitting on the highest crt of the land.
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