Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Basra Infant Mortality: +30% since War

BBCNews: A European aid agency (Saving Children from War) reported a rise in child mortality in the Iraqi city of Basra where hospital care is in crisis. Water-borne diseases and scarce medical supplies mean infants born in Basra are subject to abnormally high mortality rates. One Basra doctor said child mortality had risen by 30% since the invasion: "The mortality of children in Basra has increased by nearly 30% compared to the Saddam era," said Dr Haydar Salah, a pediatrician at the Basra Children's Hospt. "Children are dying daily, and no one is doing anything to help them." Basra hospitals have been w/o IV fluids for wks, so as a consequence many children, mainly under 5 yrs old, die after suffering from extreme cases of diarrhea. And for the past 3 yrs, the Maternity and Children's' hospital has not received any cancer drugs from the health ministry. When aid workers approach the govt, they are told no funds are available." Aaahh yes... once again we see the GOP "Culture of Life" at work in full bloom. Unfortunately for living, breathing kids, that GOP respect for life ends at birth.
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