Tuesday, April 11, 2006

PlameGate: Bush's Mammoth Problem

There are so many facets to PlameGate now that it truly has become Bush's wooly mammoth sitting in the room that he and his cabal would like to ignore. But like any wooly mammoth, it demands attention and refuses to go away quietly. Watch this clip of Bush lying and spinning furiously as he tries to 'splain to the kids how he leaked 'cause he just wanted to tell the truth. As Greg Mitchell says at Editor & Publisher: "You can take NIE, replace the first letter with an L and you pretty much have it. But that doesn’t bother the WashPost editorial page one bit. It calls it "A Good Leak." Oh don't you worry Jr... the Big Dick will take care of the big people business and let the wolly mammoth out to go pee.
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