Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The stingy & intolerant Religious Fright

Firstly, for all of their crowing about being moral, they seem to devote miniscule amounts of their ample money to the poor. Secondly, they can't hate on those damned liberal lawyers enough... that is until they want to sue for the right to be intolerant. Thirdly, since when does the Bible okay murdering immigrants when they cross the border illegally? And fourthly, what the Hell does a woman's sex life (or lack thereof) have to do w/Pat Robertson "curing" her of asthma? Now I'm no Biblical scholar, but I did my time in catechism, Sunday school, and Catholic school to know that this stuff is absolute crapola. And it seems that the readers of HuffPost know it is crap, too. Read their readers' excellent "Most Favorite Comments" here (scroll down to the Top 10 Lists) in regards to the Religious Fright's Biblical cherry-picking.
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