Thursday, April 13, 2006

Expected Gas Prices: $3 per Gallon

YahooNews: "The average US retail price of gasoline jumped more than 9 cents last wk to $2.68 a gallon. The fedrl Energy Info Admin said that US motorists paid $2.683 a gallon on average for regular grade last wk, an increase of 9.5 cents from the previous wk. Pump prices are 37.1 cents higher than a yr ago." Hmm... what exactly did Bush say about rising gas prices during the Clinton-Gore yrs? Oh yeah, here's his words via CNN from 6/23/00 when he was Gov of TX and a prez candidate: "Gas prices are high under the Clinton-Gore admin. There seems to be an effort out of Wash, DC to blame me for rising energy prices. And the American people don't buy that. It's the -- Clinton-Gore admin's been there for 7 yrs, we're more dependent now than ever before on energy from foreign sources.(Well asshat, you've been in office 6 yrs and the exact same can be said of you) And I am amazed that they're trying to shift the blame away from the people that are holding the office. And I resent that kind of politics, and so will the American people. I think we ought to make sure that we become less dependent on foreign sources of crude oil. I'll have an energy policy.(REALLY?? Oh yeah... STEAL it from Iraq after invading) And this is typical of an admin that refuses to accept responsibility. This is amazing. They've been in office for 7 yrs, the price of gasoline has gone up during their period of time." (And we NEVER once faced a $3 price of gas per gallon - as we are now- under Clinton-Gore, now did we?)
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