Thursday, April 13, 2006

WMD Trailer Defense: Nobody told Bush ... so WHY should we believe him about Iran?

Shocking! WH claims Capt Clueless is indeed clueless. AmericaBlog: "Here is the WH defense of Bush falsely claiming Iraq had mobile biological labs: Bush didn't know that our intelligence had already disproven the claim. Nice. Our prez is selling us on a war when he's not even in the loop on the reasons for going to war in the 1st place. So who should we listen to next time the WH wants us to go to another war since Bush isn't in the loop? (and here's all the reasons we should RUN away from that war w/Iran idea). The WH's 2nd contention is even more laughable. You see, it takes many months for the intelligence folks to determine whether we did or didn't find evidence of WMD in Iraq, and Bush spoke BEFORE we had determined if the evidence was real or not. Did you get that? Bush told us equivocally that we'd found WMD, when in fact, he knew the team sent to determine if we'd found WMD wouldn't reach its conclusion for months to come. So, Bush publicly confirmed we had found WMD when he knew we weren't sure yet, and wouldn't know for months. Tell me again how this makes things better?" Well, I don't know if it makes things better, but dammit,this is the really important part of this WMD-Trailer revelation: Scottie the Lying Doughboy has his panties in a bunch over this truthtelling and demands an apology for Bush.
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