Friday, April 14, 2006

Swiftboat the Generals against Rummy

If you can believe all this, the swiftboating of the amazing number of retired generals who are calling for Rumsfeld's resignation has begun. It ranges from the moronic ramblings of Brit Hume (he took a shot at their credibility by calling them "rocking chair" Generals and mentioned that Zinni had just had a book published) to the truly brain damaged from this guy. This guy is not only borderline retarded, but I have to wonder if he ate lead paint ships as a child: "It is well known that Rumsfeld went in to shake up the command structure... and I can't say how much of this treason we are seeing now has to do with that, but I would bet more than some. Military officers are by nature very territorial." Oh, so this is just a pissing contest, eh? Who knew the boys were just whipping it out next to rulers? How about this pearl of wisdom: "As a civilian any retired Gen is welcome to his pt of view. But it is never a clean equation when a Sr officer retires... Uniformed officers Constitutionally owe their allegiance to the Pres and his staff, including the Sec Def." Really? I thought that they are now civilians and enjoy the same freedoms of speech that we civilians do and that our 1st Amend protects. And this is icing on the putrid cake: "Retired officers of such high rank have no business entering in our political discourse in such a public manner during a time of war. As far as I am concerned, these now complaining Generals should either make their thoughts known privately to their former peers and even bosses, or they should all take a page from MacArthur and simply fade away." Uh... excuse me dumb-ass, but MacArthur was FIRED. Fired for INSUBORDINATION. Using MacArthur as an example of a role model for civilian authority is like having sex for preserving virginity.
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