Friday, April 14, 2006


I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter weekend. I'll be back on Monday... going to visit family and then Hubby, BabyGirl and I are hosting Easter dinner at our house on Sunday for everyone. So have a safe and happy holiday... and let's see if the Religious Fright tries to pull any very unChristian stunts over the White House Easter egg hunt since gay parents will be attending with their lil ones during the event scheduled for Monday. And oh yeah... if some uproar does happen, we can count on O'Reilly to charge in on his white steed b/c he is on top of this War on Easter... sigh. I hope the Big Bunny brings ya lots of goodies. I have plenty of Reese's peanutbutter eggs in my plans... err... for BabyGirl of course... cough... hack... *burp*...
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