Friday, February 10, 2006

Sen Inhofe: I Know the WMDs are in Syria

This is unbelievable... the only guy in the world who claims to know where the WMDs are is a GOP senator from Oklahoma? Don't ya think maybe someone else should know this info? Like perhaps the Prez, the weapons inspectors or maybe our military members who are putting their ass on the line in Iraq?... ya know... the nation where we were all told the WMDs were? Inhofe claims this: "I was glad when Gen Georges Sada, he actually came to my office in Tulsa during the break. He gave me all the details which are now coming out public. He has shared those with Gen Maples and the intelligence committees of both the House and Senate. That, in fact, the WMDs, which I would consider the phoniest issue in the characterization of this war, that, in fact they were there. We knew they were there. He also has info as to where they were transported in Syria and even the names of some of the pilots and some of the telephone numbers. And that, thank God, is going to be a dead issue(WMD)." Sada and Inhofe found the WMDs! Hello? Anyone out there? We spent millions of tax dollars and spent 1000s of Iraqi and US lives looking for WMDs and all we needed to do was dial a phone. Who knew? Phew! I'm glad that issue is resolved. And this Gen Sada? Well, surprise! surprise!... he has written a shocking tell all book about these WMDs being smuggled to Syria! What do ya wanna bet that after the US invades Syria that the claim will change YET AGAIN that the WMDs have now been smuggled to Iran? Typical BushCo 3 Card Monte bullshit, if ya ask me.
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