Friday, February 10, 2006

Frist & Hastert: Protect PharmaCo at Any Cost

GallatinNewsExaminer: Senate Majority Lder Bill Frist and House Spker Dennis Hastert engineered a backroom legislative maneuver to protect pharmaceutical companies from lawsuits, say witnesses to the pre-Christmas power play. The language was tucked into a Defense Dept appropriations bill at the last minute w/o the approval of members of a House-Senate conference committee, say several witnesses, including a top Repub staff member. The legislation, called the Public Readiness & Emergency Preparedness Act, allows the secretary of Health and Human Services to declare a public health emergency, which then provides immunity for companies that develop vaccines and other "counter- measures." Attorneys and other groups condemn the law, saying it could make it nearly impossible for people harmed by a vaccine to force the drug maker to pay for their injuries." Convenient, eh? Especially when the FDA says that the death of 25 children happened due to taking ADHD drugs & that these drugs now have to carry a sticker to warn consumers that their kid's heart may implode.
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