Thursday, February 09, 2006

Who is the Patriot Act Stopping? 80yr Old Nuns

I feel oh-so-safe... sigh... Tampa Tribune: "The sisters say the monastery's main bank acct was frozen without explanation in Nov 05, creating financial headaches and making the Benedictine nuns hopping mad. They were told the Patriot Act was the cause. Sister Jean Abbott, the monastery's business manager said: "I think the Patriot Act is unwise, let's say, and that if it happened to us, it can happen to anybody. I think people need to know that nobody is safe from, in some cases, really ridiculous scrutiny." And which "dangerous" nun was the root cause of the problem? "Abbott said she was told the troubles started because one 80 yr old nun who is a signatory to the bank acct didn't have her Soc Security number and photo ID on file. "Clearly an internatl spy," Abbott said wryly. Yes, clearly that octogenarian nun is an internatl woman of mystery and danger. So, let's add it up: Homeland Sec and the Patriot Act has scooped up these "shady cast of characters": 1.) Vegans protesting eating meat 2.) A Quaker peace group, and 3.) An 80 yr old nun w/a bank acct who lives in a monastery. Thank God BushCo is on the case and protecting us! I'd pay good money to see The Penguin Nun from the Blues Bros whack Dubya upside his stupid head w/a ruler and say menacingly: "And don't come back until you have redeemed yourself!"
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