Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Is George W. Bush the Anti Christ?

This poster is for real. A New Zealand pizza place put them up.
I'm half serious in asking that question, but please allow me to elaborate. My best friend stopped by Mon for a late afternoon visit, while BabyGirl was taking a nap. I had the Discovery Times channel on: a show about The Rapture was on. As a Catholic, I know next to nothing about the Rapture. The entire concept adds up to complete crap to me, especially when those who believe it say that Mother Theresa will not go when the Rapture comes, but serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer would b/c he was born-again. The show said that the Anti Christ would use technology to control the people, he would behave like a dictator, he would wage wars on innocent people, he would be in power during times of natural disasters like tsumanis, hurricanes, volcano eruptions, he would make people believe he was doing God's work and his followers would blindly believe him. Do I need to pt out the obvious? So, I Googled "Bush anti christ" and this is just a few of the things that came up: 1.) Bush is Anti Christ. Com 2.) Is Bush the Anti Christ? 3.) Ex-Marine & Vietnam Vet asks Is Bush the Anti Christ? 4.) The Konformist's Bush: Anti Christ? 5.) Is Bush the Anti Christ Blog 6.) Covenant News: Is Bush the Anti Christ? 7.) James Donahue: Is Bush the Anti Christ? 8.) Israel Shamir: Is Bush the Anti Christ? Just take a look at these, and tell me what ya think. I don't even know if I believe in an Anti Christ, but I always thought if he were for real, he would be waaay more attractive, intelligent and charismatic than Bush... but he is plenty evil, hordes of people worship him & he is a Christian wolf in sheep's clothing.
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