Wednesday, February 08, 2006

GOP Vomits on Coretta & Black Leaders

AMERICAblog: "A party that doesn't have a single African-Amer member of Congress has no right lecturing black people about knowing their place. I say this b/c you know it's only a matter of hrs before the Repub Swift Boating of Rev Lowery and Coretta's funeral begins...(and it did). How dare a black man not know his place at a funeral, they'll say. As if the GOP and its surrogates have any right whatsoever to speak on behalf of Mrs. King, to tell black America what they can and cannot do to honor 1 of their most revered leaders." Amen. The Rev Dr. Lowery is a revered elder of the community, and he righteously criticized Bush, the war, and the fact that America still has so many poor and needy at her funeral, seen here, courtesy of Crooks & Liars. Rest in eternal peace Mrs Scott-King.
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