Thursday, February 09, 2006

RollingStone: Meet Scary-Ass Sen Brownback

Be prepared to have your short and curlies straightened after read this in RollingStone: "Brownback seeks something far more radical: not faith-based politics but faith in place of politics. In his dream America, the one he believes both the Bible and the Constitution promise, the state will simply wither away. In its place will be a country so suffused w/ God and the free market that the social fabric of the last 100 yrs -schools, Social Security, welfare- will be privatized or simply done away with. There will be no abortions; sex will be confined to heterosexual marriage. Men will lead families, mothers will tend children, and big business and the church will take care of all." And yet Brownback and his ilk boast of "freeing" Iraq from a dictatorship and Afghanistan from a theocracy? Sweet Baby Jesus... feel free to smite down this freak of mammoth proportions NOW.
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