Sunday, February 12, 2006

Did Ken Starr Commit Forgery?

Tee hee... if this is true, then this is truly an amazing display of karma: "State and local prosecutors said Friday that former Whitewater independent counsel and Clinton "MonicaGate" special prosecutor Kenneth Starr, and another lawyer representing a death row inmate, submitted to the CA Gov forged letters from jurors who were falsely portrayed as wishing the condemned man would be spared." Well, actually, karma would involve several millions of dollars spent on uncovering Starr caught up in a torrid scandal that would have at least these 3 elements: a cigar, a stained dress, and a blow job. Except since he is a Repub, we all know it would somehow involve closeted gay sex and hopefully Starr would be wearing the stained dress, giving out the BJ and I don't even want to know where the cigar would be... eeewww.
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