Saturday, February 11, 2006

Bush Budget just May Have Broken the Law

BostonGlobe: "Opponents of a major budget bill just signed by Bush are weighing a crt challenge on the grounds that the measure is unconstitutional because it was amended after the House voted on it. At issue is a provision involving the period of time the govt pays to rent some types of durable medical equipment before medical suppliers transfer it to Medicare patients. The Senate voted for 13 months, as intended by Sen & House negotiators, but a Senate clerk erroneously put down 36 months in sending the bill back to the House for a final vote, and that's what the House approved Feb 1. By the time the bill was shipped to Bush, the number was back to 13 months as passed by the Sen but not the House. As anyone who passed high school civics knows, a bill can only become a law if the House & Sen pass it in identical form. That didn't happen in this case." Of course, Bush & the GOPers consider the issue done and finished... b/c they are simply above the law and use our Constitution like a roll of Charmin. Bush also views our natl forests and land as something to be used and thrown/ flushed away: Bush included in the '07 Budget a plan to fund rural schools and county road maintenance by selling nearly a billion dollars worth of federal forests...$800 million of Natl Forests and $182 million of forests managed by the Bureau of Land Management.
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