Sunday, August 14, 2005

Gov Arnold Pays Off Lover & Media w/Hush Money

April 26/01 National Enquirer: "For 7 yrs, Arnold Schwarzenegger hid a mistress from his wife Maria Shriver -- and hrs after learning The ENQUIRER discovered his secret, Arnold terminated his run for gov of CA. The actor began his affair w/ former child actress Gigi Goyette in 1975, when she was only 16 yrs old." Wash Post: Gov Arnold, already facing plummeting approval ratings and questions about his business dealings, took another hit w/ a report that a tabloid publisher with close ties to the former movie star paid an alleged lover of his $20,000 not to discuss their relationship. The August 03 confidentiality agreement between American Media Inc (publisher of the National Enquirer, Globe and Star) and bit-part actress Gigi Goyette was reached 2 days after Arnold announced his candidacy for gov, and 7 months before he signed on as an editor for 2 bodybuilding magazines owned by the company. LA Times: The continuing scandal over Gov Arnold's unconventionally intimate relationship with tabloid publisher American Media Inc is rife with unsavory personal and political implications. But it's also an absolutely crystalline example of the evils inherent in pay-to-play journalism. I am happy to see that the LA Times focuses on the paid-off journalists angle b/c that is what really matters to me, too. I could care less if he is unfaithful to his wife (that is totally between them)but paying people off to NOT report this has massive ramifications.
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