Friday, August 12, 2005

4 Star Gen Byrnes: Was He Anti-Torture?

Perhaps retiring 4 Star General Kevin Byrnes was fired b/c he was not on board w/the pro-torture wagon instead of trying to organize a coup against Neo-Cons (as I posted yesterday)... just as the Air Force's judge, Major General Thomas Fiscus, was dropped 2 ranks for a dozen sexual affairs during the last decade AFTER Fiscus opposed the harsh interrogation techniques approved and later rescinded by Defense Sec Rumsfeld for use on Guantanamo prisoners. Isn't it a wee bit strange that Rumsfeld announced that Bush has nominated Army Maj Gen Anthony R. Jones for appointment to the rank of Lt Gen and as Byrnes replacement? Who is Jones? None other than the Army lead investigator into the abuses at Abu Ghraib. Remember that 11 former high ranking officers have called on Congress to tighten laws against abusing prisoners, including Retired Brig Gen David Irvine, who spent 18 yrs teaching interrogators how to question prisoners of war. When did these high ranking officers announce their call to Congress? August 4/05. Byrnes was in charge of the training AND doctrine command of soldiers... the kind of thing that the Bush administration wants to make certain is very pro-torture and very pro Neo-Con. Maybe Byrnes was not on the same page as them and as soon as he retired this Nov, he would join Brig Gen Irvine and oppose them? Hat tip to Cassandra.
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