Thursday, August 11, 2005

4 Star General Fired Over "Affair" & More

Wash Post: Gen. Kevin Byrnes, who led the Army's Training and Doctrine Command, had a previously unblemished record, & was set to retire in Nov after 36 yrs of service, was relieved of his command amid allegations that he had an extramarital affair w/ a civilian on the very day that his divorce from his wife became final. His defense attorney, Lt Col David Robertson said this: "The allegation against him does not involve a relationship w/ anyone w/in the military or even the fed'l govt." Emphasizing that the allegations do not involve more than 1 relationship. "It does not involve anyone on active duty or a civilian in the Dept of Defense." Having an extramarital affair can be deemed adultery and a violation of the Uniform Code of Military Justice. But such cases rarely go to crt-martial and usually end in administrative punishment such as a letter of reprimand, according to military lawyers. Relieving a general of his command amid such allegations is extremely unusual, especially given that he was about to retire. Is there more to this story? Could be... read this. It is spooky.
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