Friday, August 12, 2005

Cindy & Camp Casey Picks Up Media Steam

Ilona provides an excellent list of some of the many news sources that are giving Cindy media coverage, and here is Cindy's latest posting about her in-laws swiftboating her (So the fuck what? my in laws HATE me for being Catholic, a Dem, and refused to even hold our baby girl when she was born- keep in mind she is their ONLY grandchild- and they have never seen her or us since her birth. My in laws would jump at the chance to swiftboat me, too. There is a reason they are called Monster in laws, ya know?) On a personal note, I think that some of the anti-Cindy sentiment is b/c GOPers are heartless, soul-less sociopaths. A person w/a conscience and a soul could not attack a mother who lost her child. As mothers, we carefully gestate our babies for 9 months, we struggle to safely push our babies out of our bodies to give them life, and we tentatively balance our children between discipline and love to make them a good kid. A good kid for us, for them, and for society. Since GOPers honestly think they owe society nothing, maybe that is why they do not care if a mother's heart & soul is endlessly broken by her good kid's senseless death and sacrifice.
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