Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Is current Israel good for Jews?

Admist all of this talk of who won the war between Hezbollah & Israel (WTF? There are really "winners" in this? I am seriously doubting anybody won, no matter what crap Capt Clueless spews out) I came across this op/ed by Norman Birnbaum, who is Prof Emeritus at Georgetown Univ Law Center. He has also taught at the London School of Economics, Oxford, & the Univ of Strasbourg. He is also Jewish, and I think he sees the spooky PNAC/ Neo-Con writing on the wall: "We can be sure that should US Jewish citizens dissent from the community's central item of faith-- that Israel can do no wrong, we will be pilloried. When our gentile fellow citizens express doubt, they are accused of anti-Semitism. Those of us who are Jewish are taxed w/ self-hatred. The assumption by Israel of the role of US enforcer in the Mid East is certainly no guarantee of Israel's survival. The much-celebrated "strategic partnership" is not necessarily permanent. Should the US elite decide that broader strategic interests require curbing or even abandoning Israel, it would not hesitate to do so. And as the US empire crumbles, it is best to urge Israel away from brutal militancy. " I completely agree. The US is using Israel, and once Israel has outserved her purpose, the US will move on to look for a new ally/prey. Look at history. It is what the US has done and will continue to do. But really, what price are the Israelis willing to pay for US "friendship"?
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