Friday, July 14, 2006

Hey GOP: Don't like these images? Then I guess you shouldn't start wars.

It appears that the Repukes once again simply cannot honor our war dead under any circumstances at all.... unless it benefits them in some way, of course. Then, it is anything goes! and the war-dead pimping can't happen quick enough. As Kvatch points out: "The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee manages to come up with a video that tells it like it is (The video "dares" to show the image of flag draped coffins, in addition to a multitude of other GOP crimes, blunders, and offenses)... Predictably, the Republicans are howling like a little kid with a skinned knee. Seems they can dish it out, w/ their swift-boating and their crass politicizing of everything from 9/11 to Osama bin Laden, but apparently they can't take it." B/c God knows, the GOP never used images of the 9/11 dead to serve up their fearmongering, right? (via The ChicagoTribune): "Pres Bush used graphic images of the Sept 11 attacks in his television ads for re-election during the '04 campaign. One of those ads showed a firefighter carrying a flag-draped body out of the rubble of the World Trade Center." According to ABC, Pelosi served it right back at 'em: "Was it despicable when Republicans used 9/11 for political purposes? I think it's despicable that young people's lives are being lost ... over 2,500, and Republicans are in denial about that. Yet they talk about politicizing war." Well, according to this info (via The Memory Hole): "On 4/28/05, in response to Freedom of Info Act requests and a lawsuit, the Pentagon released 100s of previously secret images of casualties returning to honor guard ceremonies from the Afghanistan & Iraq wars and other conflicts, confirming that images of their flag-draped coffins are rightfully part of the public record, despite its earlier insistence that such images should be kept secret." Visit the site, and I think just to piss these hypocritical GOPers off we should slap pix of our fallen troops and the Iraqi war-dead on our vehicles like bumper stickers. Maybe people would wake up and face how Goddamned awful this war really is. I'm sure the loved ones of our fallen troops and the loved ones of the Iraqi war-dead wish they had the luxury of ignoring such awful realities. Hiding away such images dishonors the dead. It makes their horrific deaths seem nonexistent, which is incredibly dishonorable to do to a life, whether it be a US military member or an Iraqi civilian. Simply put: If you can't deal w/the horrible reality of these images, or if you don't like seeing these images b/c it makes you uncomfortable, THEN DON'T GO AROUND STARTING WARS or SUPPORTING WARS.
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