Friday, July 14, 2006

Baghdad is collasping. People flee death

Speaking of horrific realities and God forsaken conditions, please read the TRUTH about the civil war in Iraq (via Times OnlineUK): "Were the people shooting at the houses the Mahdi Army, the Shia militia blamed for drilling holes in their victims’ eyes and limbs before executing them by the dozen? Or were they Sunni insurgents hunting down Shias to avenge last Sunday’s massacre, when Shia gunmen rampaged through an area called Jihad, pulling people from their cars and homes and shooting them in the streets? They'd call the the US military, but they generally respond only to request for support from Iraqi security forces. But as many of those forces are at best turning a blind eye to the Shia death squads, and at worst colluding with them, calling the Americans is literally the last thing they do. West Baghdad is no stranger to bombings and killings, but in the past few days all restraint has vanished in an orgy of ethnic cleansing." Didja catch that? West Baghdad... ya know... the city we Americans supposedly have a handle on, control and "keep safe"... sweet Jesus.
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