Thursday, July 13, 2006

Did 6 Fresno footballers rape an 11yr old?

I cannot stress how strongly I feel about this: If you rape a child, you deserve to die: "6 prospective Fresno City College football players have been questioned by police regarding the alleged rape of an 11 yr old runaway by up to 10 men, 2 of whom were arrested earlier." The key sentence in this quote makes my skin crawl: "A defense attorney said: 'If they had done something to be concerned with, if they touched her, even if it was consensual, or if they had done something to abet/aid the assault, they might want to exercise their 5th Amend privilege to avoid self-incrimination." Did I read that correctly? Even if it was consensual?? Sex w/an 11 yr old can NEVER be consensual, asshole. Again: If you rape a child, you should die. I feel that way about our troops who raped a 14-- not 20-- yr old girl (and yes she was a girl, NOT a woman) & these Fresno men are no exception either, and this, via Buzzflash succinctly sums it up: "To make sick bastards like this straighten up, the military was once a thing they could do. But now sick bastards fighting in our name are pretty much doing the same thing, too."
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