Friday, March 24, 2006

ScotlandYard investigation & Blair dismantling Parliament in Bushesque Move

No wonder Blair curls up in Bush's lap so nicely... he has certainly learned Bush's lessons well: 1) In a blow to PM Tony Blair, Brit police has launched an investigation into alleged sale of peerages and honours by ruling Labour after the party published a list of 12 wealthy donors. Blair denies wrongdoing and argues he did not make the nominations in exchange for the loans. Hmm, cronyism? Bush is so very proud. Denying all wrongdoing? Bush is even prouder. Allowing Scotland Yard to investigate? Unheard of in a fascism. And via Kvatch, we have this: 2.) Blair's Labour party quietly plots to make Parliament irrelevant. The Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill "tips the balance between the executive and Parliament too far in the Govt's favour". In theory, the bill will allow ministers to abolish any law, including mainstays of the constitution such as Magna Carta, the Bill of Rights and the Parliament Act, w/o full parliamentary scrutiny. Aaah yes... THAT is VERY Bush.
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