Friday, March 24, 2006

Contractors in Iraq: Firing into Cars

NewsObserver: "About 6000 non-Iraqi security contractors are operating in Iraq. During 9 months in 04-05, contractors reported firing into 61 civilian vehicles; no one was ever prosecuted. Security analysts say it is likely that such incidents are vastly underreported. In fact, security contractors regularly shoot into civilian cars w/ little accountability, according to a News & Observer's analysis of more than 400 reports contractors filed with the govt. In the documents, contractors reported shooting into 61 vehicles they believed were threatening them. In just 7 cases were Iraqis clearly attacking -- showing guns, shooting at contractors or detonating explosives. There was no way to tell how many civilians were hurt, or how many were innocent: In most cases, the contractors drove away. No contractors have been prosecuted for a mistaken shooting in Iraq." Only 7 were in self defense? Imagine what charges would be brought against us civilians if we decided to fire into cars. They usually have a few words for that: Assault w/a deadly weapon and attempted murder.
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