Saturday, March 25, 2006

Limbaugh blasts rescued Peacemakers

So... after BushCo whines and snivels about the "liberal media" refusing to report on all of the super fantastic news coming out of Iraq instead for news of bloodshed, we finally get some GOOD news out of Iraq, and what does Rush do? He attacks the rescued Christian Peacemakers (via Media Matters): "These self-absorbed, self-inflated, self-important people have made this all about them." Yeah Rush, ya fat-ass drug addict son of a bitch, people selflessly helping other people in a time of war would anger an asshat like you. B/c if someone isn't calling Iraqis "ragheads", sodomizing them w/chemical lights, torturing them in unspeakable ways, blowing up their innocent children and women, and filling their land with depleted uranium for the next 1000 yrs, they are self-absorbed, self inflated, and self-important to you.
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