Friday, March 31, 2006

GOP Rep Cynthia Davis: If you use contraceptives, You are a Whore

Pix is courtesy of Ephemeroi Com and it sums up my feelings exactly when it comes to these Repuke freaks who obsess about other people's private sex lives and medical decisions and claim it is due to holier than thou morals, yet they don't bat an eye or shed a tear about waging wars and killing and maiming 1000s upon 1000s. Here's yet another Anti-Whore/ Pro-War GOP hypocrite: Missouri state Rep Cynthia Davis, who recently introduced legislation to remove a state requirement that sex ed classes teach contraception, wrote this un-fucking-believable letter to her fellow Repukes. Fired Up Missouri provides a fabulous pix of the uber repressed Davis and warns: This is not satire, it's the real deal. Yes, folks... it is not satire but it is vomit inducing when an elected official could say this about contraception in 2006: "Even if you solve a physical problem you still have not solved the moral, emotional and spiritual problems that come w/a promiscuous lifestyle." What kind of woman says this about fellow females?: "I wondered what kind of man would want to enjoy free sex and then expect her to provide for her own contraceptives? These are the kind of men who want free whores." And what kind of human being and mother says this about children and society?: "I have concluded that the chemicals and drugs are their way to have all the goodies and not pay the price. When you encourage this behavior, you create more of it. In other words, if the state starts paying for contraceptives we will have more babies than if we just teach people to not expect free prostitution from poor people. Don't you think having to pay child support for the next 18 yrs is a suitable disincentive?" Read the entire letter here at FiredUp... if you have a very strong stomach or a very large barf bag. I don't say this often about fellow females, but flaming cunt are the only words that can aptly begin to describe that diseased douchebag who wields power over the lives of 1000s thru her Congressional seat. It isn't often that someone can be as hideous on the inside as they are on the outside.
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