Friday, March 31, 2006

Feingold's Big Day on Censure

Today is Sen Russ Feingold's big day. I hope everybody faxed, called, and/or emailed the Senate Judiciary Comm members like good lil Dem girls and boys. The Censure hearing starts at 9:30 am. and here is Feingold's announcement on witnesses for the hearing: Reagan official Bruce Fein and Nixon counsel John Dean. And RawStory says: "Judiciary Chrmn Arlen Specter left open the possibility that Feingold’s bill to censure Bush could get its day before the full Senate, a move certain to ignite an intense partisan showdown w/ election yr stakes. Specter said he doesn’t know how the controversial resolution will play out before the Judiciary Comm, but suggested it could be brought to the floor under a rare procedural move. The panel could vote to defeat the bill, but send it to the floor anyway with an unfavorable recommendation." Let's keep hope alive that Feingold will be able to rally support.
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