Thursday, March 30, 2006

Newsweek: Kaloogian exposed

Oh c'mon... Baghdad. Istanbul. Iraq. Turkey. What’s the difference? Well, thanks to "C.S.I. Baghdad" it does matter a lot. And since Keith named Howard Kaloogian one of "The Worst Persons in the World" Weds night on Countdown AND since Newsweek devoted an article to Kaloogian trying to pass off Turkey as Iraq it matters to others, too: "Online sleuths can claim another victory. Kaloogian (CA-R), a congressional candidate , has removed a picture from his campaign site that he claimed was evidence that journalists are distorting how bad conditions are in Iraq. The photo purported to show a placid street scene in downtown Baghdad, including a hand-holding couple in Western dress and shoppers out for a stroll on a cobblestone street in an unmarred business district. As it turns out, the photo is a genuine street scene—from Istanbul, Turkey. After online sleuths busted his blatant lie, Kaloogian had replaced the photo from his site. The new photo is an aerial view of Baghdad—or at least, Kaloogian says it is." Yeah, cause he's sooo trustworthy now, huh? Like I said yesterday, this green oozing sack of pus will fit right in w/ his fellow GOP criminals... esp when it comes to continuous lies.
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