Wednesday, March 29, 2006

GA Driver given ticket for Bumpersticker

A GA woman was given a $100 ticket for having a bumpersticker on her car that says: I'm Tired of All the BUSH SHIT. The cop said he gave the ticket b/c her sticker was lewd. "This is all about free speech," Nurse Denise Grier said in a telephone interview. "The officer pulled me over because he didn't agree with my politics. That's what this is about, not whether I support Bush, not because of the war in Iraq, but about my right to free speech." Geeze... I guess she had better not slap any of these ITMFA bumperstickers on her car then or she'll be waterboarding in some black prison in an undisclosed E. European nation... And a big hat tip to Earl for passing this site on to me.
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