Tuesday, March 28, 2006

CBS's Logan Bitchslaps Laura Ingraham

Crooks & Liars: During a CNN Howard Kurtz interview, CBS's Lara Logan destroys the BushCo whine of "The damned liberal media refuses to report on good stories just to slight me!" Logan: "Well, who says things aren't falling apart in Iraq?" She goes on to explain this: She has asked the State Dept & Pentagon for help when it comes to getting the good stories out, but they tell journalists to please not report on it b/c the new school, water plant, or building will be sabotaged or attacked. And as far as Laura Ingraham and her "lazy journalists in Iraq refuse to report the good news in Iraq b/c they want to languish in their hotel rooms"?... well, Logan delivers her a mighty bitchslap: "Laura Ingraham should come to Iraq and not be talking about what journalists are doing from the comfort of her studio. Does anybody understand that for us we used to be able to travel all over this country w/o having to fly in military helicopters? That's the only way we can move around here now. So, it's when the military can accommodate us, if the military can accommodate us, then we can go out and see. Kurtz: Ingraham was in Iraq for 8 days. Logan: (W/an incredulous laugh & you've got to be f-ing kidding me look on her face) "Yeah... 8 days." Go Lara... you're my hero, and let's make sure that we do our best to prevent the wingnut attacks against Lara.
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