Monday, March 27, 2006

Secret PreWar Memo of Bush & Blair

One would think that Blair was tired of having Bush's hand up his ass, but who knows? RawStory reports that the NYTimes (NYT story here) has obtained a secret memo and meeting between Blair and Bush before the launch of the war. The Guardian UK reported on this in early February, but of course our lovely willingly blind corporate media whores ignored it. It is good to see that the NYT's is finally saying this: "During a private 2 hr meeting in the Oval Office on 1/31/03, Bush made clear to PM Blair that he was determined to invade Iraq w/o the 2nd resolution, or even if internatl arms inspectors failed to find unconventional weapons." Now... doesn't THIS finally prove to all who have shoved their heads up their asses that the Downing St Minutes Memo was dead-on correct? Eh... better late than never I guess. But tell that to all the dead and maimed Iraqis & US troops.
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