Friday, March 31, 2006

Jill Carroll freed. Wingnut Attack Frenzy Begins

Again... we have some really good news out of Iraq w/the release of Jill Carroll, yet the wingnuts kick into an attack frenzy b/c anyone who dared to respect the people, culture, and customs of the nation they were reporting upon instead of "liberating" them with torture, bombs and bullets, deserves to be accused of being a nympho who screwed all of her captors, and planned her own kidnapping at Hannity's insane crew of cretins, Jill loves her captors, admires their cause, is a "useful idiot" for her captors, and this was all a hoax according to Free Republic's foaming at the mouth freepers, and b/c she said they never beat her and wore Muslim clothes she must be suffering from Stockholm Syndrome, says that pudwhacker Podhoretz at NRO. I guess the War Fans were looking for a new Jessica Lynch to lie about. They were counting on a beheading or a rape story from Jill to bolster support for their beloved war and torture and the endless bombs falling from the sky to wipe out that nation we are "liberating." And maybe I'm crazy, but when you are pissed off and disappointed that a fellow American is NOT raped, beaten, beheaded, or murdered by kidnappers... whose freaking side on you on exactly?
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