Monday, February 27, 2006

Bush says: What civil war in Iraq?

Every piece of news worldwide in the last 5 days has been about Iraq coming apart at the seams (just see 1. here, 2. here, 3. here, 4. here, 5. here, 6. here for a sample) AND yet Capt Clueless and his Team BushCo think otherwise. Well, something has clearly shifted b/c this pix featured in this article from VOA is also the pix used on the front pg of Yahoo News (but I'm just waiting for it to mysteriously disappear). When was the last time you can recall a frontpage story about Iraq that included a pix used showing an injured Iraqi child? Maybe people are beginning to realize how incompetent and responsible BushCo is b/c they blatantly have ignored warnings of Iraqi civil war for yrs. And it seems that Iraq is not the only nation on the brink of teetering over the civil war cliff: Pakistan's Pres Musharraf is clinging to power by the skin of his teeth. Oh well... I guess that is just more of Bush's victorious "democracy" spreading like wildfire in the Middle East, huh?
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