Saturday, February 25, 2006

A Bush Joke, courtesy of my Dad

Pres Bush is out jogging one afternoon to avoid falling off his bike yet again. While jogging, he comes across a little boy sitting on a park bench w/ a carboard box on his lap. Afraid that this little boy just might be planning to blow Bush up, the Secret Service surrounds the kid w/ guns drawn. The terrified little boy puts his hands up and says: "I'm not doing anything wrong! I'm just sitting here with my new puppies." Bush, relieved and curious, approaches the little boy and peeks in the box and sees the cutest bunch of newborn puppies he's ever laid eyes on. Bush says: "Those puppies are so darned cute. What kind of puppies are they little man?" The little boy says: "These are Republican puppies, Mr. President." Bush says: "Well, isn't that just precious? They are Republican puppies. Hey kid, if you come here next week at the same time w/ those puppies, I promise to bring the country's vice-president by so he can see those cute puppies, too." The little boy agrees and Bush goes back to jogging. The next week, as was planned, Bush is jogging while Cheney is riding in a golf cart and they come across the little boy sitting on the same park bench w/ the cardboard box on his lap again. Bush says: "I can't wait til ya see these puppies, Dick. They're the cutest." Cheney grumbles and mumbles that he'd like to eat a live puppy, but Dubya elbows him and says shhh. They approach the kid and they both look into the box and as Cheney salivates, Bush says: "Hey little man, why dontcha tell my Boss here what kind of puppies you have here?" The little boy says: "These are Democrat puppies, Mr. President." An incredibly shocked Bush shakes his head and says: "Wait a minute kid, just last week you told me that these were Republican puppies! What gives?" The little boy says: "Oh that's easy to explain Mr. President. These are Democrat puppies now, but they were Republican puppies when their eyes were sealed shut and they were as good as blind."
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