Wednesday, January 18, 2006

SCOTUS Bitchslaps Bush on Assisted Suicide

Ouch! Having the SCOTUS slap down your so-called Culture of Life crapola when it comes to Big Brother Fedrl Govt stepping on the toes of Lil Brother State rights on assisited suicide had to hurt... but I'm sure if Bush gets fellow good old boy Sammy Alito on the Court, he'll stand a better chance of getting that ultra wingnut agenda achieved. Speaking of uber-wingnuts, what about Chf Justice Roberts and his true feelings on state rights vs the feds? According to Roberts: 1.) States can legislate bans on terminally ill patients' rights to end their lives b/c of state's rights to legislate on this issue... BUT... 2.) States can't legislate allowing certain terminally ill patients ask their doctors for medication to end their lives b/c states do not have rights to legislate medical practices. Translation = State rights to legislate only stand if the state legislatures are Right-wing.
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