Tuesday, January 17, 2006

George Clooney Bitchslaps Jack Abramoff

Notice: Democrats like the oh-so-dreamy George Clooney love and hug puppies... unlike Republicans... who eat live puppies.
Monday night at the Golden Globe Awards, Clooney won Best Supporting Actor for Syriana. When he accepted the award, he asked rhetorically, "Who would name their kid, 'Jack' when 'off' ends his last name?" Then he thanked Jack Abramoff: "Why? Just because. I'm the first one up here, I thought I'd get things rolling." Oh George, you are the only George I trust and like now-a-days, and you're one of the only guys who could make me rethink my oh-so-serious wedding vows... hell, even Hubby admits that if he were a chick, he'd do Clooney.
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