Saturday, January 07, 2006

My Hubby's Letter to NBC Regarding the New Show "The Book of Daniel"

OK, so the freaks at the American Taliban Family Association are at it again... this time over the new NBC show called The Book of Daniel. Hubby and I watched it and then we saw a story about the ruckus on our local news channel following the airing of The Book of Daniel. Hubby and I really liked it. It was funny, it was quirky, and it was surprisingly sweet. Hubby marches to the desk and fires off an email to NBC to give them a piece of his mind. Oh how I love that man of mine! Here's his letter:
Dear NBC,
After getting our toddler to bed Friday night, my wife and I watched both episodes of The Book of Daniel and we loved it. In fact, I guess it was hearing of all of the hoopla that The American Family Association is raising that made us decide to watch the show more than anything else. How could they be so opposed to something that they have never even seen before? And their quote from this Yahoo News story really clinched it for me to watch it: “Vitagliano said the group was offended that the show's creator, Jack Kenny, is gay, as are two of the show's characters. "We look at that and say, 'If they wanted to try to alienate conservative Christians, they're making every effort to do so,' " he said.”
Well, I hate to break it to the conservative Christians in America, but not every aspect of American culture has to cater to them, now does it? Or is their real problem that the show has 2 gay characters? I hate to break it to them, but gay people do exist. Is their real problem that the show’s creator is gay? So does that mean that gay writers/ entertainment creators cannot be read and/or watched? I wonder if Burroughs knew that, or Gore Vidal, or Tennyson, or Thoreau, or Walt Whitman, or Oscar Wilde, or Tennessee Williams, or Truman Capote, just to name a few.
It is amazing to my wife and I that the same people who want to shove their brand of religion down everyone else’s throat have their own issues to examine before they decide to rip apart a fictional Episcopalian priest character and his family that dares to have gay people in it and has real-life issues to face like teenager promiscuity, drug addiction, excessive drinking, Alzheimer’s, infidelity, and money problems. It's not as if the evangelical conservative Christian leadership is free from any sin. How about the conservative evangelical patriarch Rev Pat Robertson demanding for the assassination of world leaders and announcing that Israel’s PM Sharon’s stroke was God’s Divine punishment? What about the Rev Jerry Falwell blaming the 9/11 attacks on witches, feminists, and homosexuals? What about the Rev Rod Parsley being an active participant in the sexual harassment of his own aunt by his own father? What about the Rev Jimmy Swaggart paying a prostitute to squat over his face and announcing that if a gay man ever looked at him, he would kill the gay man and then tell God that the guy just died? What about the Rev James Dobson telling fathers, on the Focus on the Family website, that if you want to make your child heterosexual, you have to take your son in the shower and show him your genitalia? Every single thing I have listed, can be backed up with actual proof via a simple Google search. Yet the outlandish claims made by the American Family Assoc about The Book of Daniel were made well before the show even aired and no one—certainly no one in their organization—had even seen the program. Do average American families a favor and keep The Book of Daniel on the air. Do not cave into to the strong-arm tactics of these theocratic thugs.
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