Friday, January 06, 2006

Claudia 1991-2006

Claudia, rest in peace my beautiful fat black beauty. I saved you from drowning in a park pond so many many yrs ago from those psycho mean boys who laughed and laughed at your pitiful screams for help. I saw your tiny lil 6 wk old self, drenched to the bone, and I fell in love with you immediately. I put you inside my shirt and prayed on the ride home that Dad would let me keep you. The minute I spilled you out of the Nike box, you gingerly crawled over to him, clawed your way up his shirt and fell asleep in his armpit, and Dad announced with a sigh that we had a new cat. I named you Claudia after the lil girl in Anne Rice's novel b/c you looked like a tiny little furry black bat. I loved your quiet and patient ways. I loved your silky black fur. I even loved it when you slept in the middle of my back and I awoke b/c I couldn't breath from your hefty weight. I always appreciated how you always forgave me for being gone when I went to college and for accepting my Hubby's incessant love for picking you up and holding you like a chubby baby on your back. You truly loved 3 things in life: Looking out of Mom & Dad's dining room window to gaze at the flowers, bees, and bird feeder, Cluckers cat treats, and gazing at Christmas lights. I hope you understand why we had to mercifully let the vet assist you in going peacefully tonight. It was so gutwrenching to do. But it was so right and so necessary and so humane to stop your growing pain. In spring, I will take some of your ashes and sprinkle them among my roses, lillies and tulips. It is only fitting that a beautiful kitty who loved flowers like Ferdinand the Bull should spend eternity among such lovely blooms. And I will take a tiny bit of the ashes, seal them up in a pretty Christmas ornament, and allow you to enjoy the soft Christmas lights that you loved so much. I loved you with all my heart, you gentle yellow eyed sweetheart. Dame Claudia, be at peace, be free from all pain, and be filled to the brim eating an endless supply of Heavenly Cluckers cat treats.
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