Thursday, January 05, 2006

Scary-Ass Visitors to My Blog

This pix, courtesy of BlueGalRedState Blog, would be funnier if it weren't so eerily true now. So, I'm checking out my stats counter on my blog as I do every nitet, and I see that I received 3 visits from the House of Reps (the referring URL was Google on my post about Abramoff) & it's no really big whoop b/c I've seen a few of those before-- in addition to 3 visits from inside the White House last yr... but then I see another District of Columbia visit from someone I am completely ignorant of. Here is the info: Domain Name: (Unknown), IP Address: 12.40.174.# (AKIN, GUMP, STRAUSS, HAUER), ISP: AT&T WorldNet Services, Location: State- District of Columbia, City- Washington, SEARCH ENGINE: Google Com, SEARCH WORDS: Tony Rudy, Visitor's Time: Jan 3 2006 4:20:46 pm. So, not knowing who in the hell these Akin Gump people are, I Google them and to my surprise, Wikipedia informs me of this: "Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP, founded in 1945, is one of the world's largest law firms. According to its website, its "vision is to address the array of legal challenges you may encounter in achieving your business goals," and, to that end, the group is infamous for its union busting activities. Starbucks hired 2 of the firm's lawyers in its campaign against the unionization of a mid-Manhattan store. They have also represented the govt of Colombia in its lobbying efforts for Plan Colombia. Notable attorneys: 1. George P. Bush 2. Robert Jordan 3. Vernon Jordan Jr. 4. Ken Mehlman (1991–1996) 5. Robert Schwarz Strauss." Great... all I need is a pack of Bush loving attorneys checking out my blog during these times of illegal eavesdropping and "enemy combatant" renditions, eh? If you don't hear from me, try looking for me in a remote prison in E. Europe or perhaps torture happy Egypt. I'll be the screaming and crying redhead in the sea of mostly Middle Eastern people.
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